Private cruise

Song Xanh Sampan

Launched on late October 200, a flotilla of 4 unique, authentic and charming Sampans named "Song Xanh Cruise" was designed for travelers looking for "private" cruise experiences in the Mekong Delta. On board, two spacious spaces of 15sqm each are equipped with beautiful bamboo and rattan furniture, creating a very charming atmosphere. With Song Xanh sampan, tourists will be led to smaller rivers and canals, discovering life of local people on the river as well as on the land: floating markets, orchards, local school and fruit production factories. Last but not least, tourists will enjoy a very attentive service provided by a team of 4 well-trained crew members.


Cai Be Princess Cruise

For those who want to focus more on privacy while still enjoy the traditional design, the Cai Be Princess cruise is an ideal choice. As joining Cai Be Princess, tourists can boat down to Mekong River to explore the lively floating markets with an abundance of colorful fresh fruits and vegetables. It is also a chance to get into the rural life of people at the delta region, visiting local home which produce various products from rice and coconut. With 15 lavishly furnished rooms, large dining area, a stylish upper-deck, sun deck on top, Cai Be Princess can completely provide you a fantastic panoramic view of the river, making your trip to Mekong River a life-time experience.


Mien Tay Cruise

Founded in 2002, Mien Tay Cruise boasts a fleet of 2 similar oak wood vessels: each is 22-meters long and 4.5 meters wide, providing accommodation for up to 16 guests with high comfort. Each boat is equipped with state-of-the-art security devices, fine restaurant on board and a sundeck too. There are also bicycles carried along with the cruise for guests’ uses, enabling utmost flexibility for particular discovery wishes. For the services available on boat, besides a bar with a wine and spirits list and a choice of refreshments and beers, Mien Tay boats offer tourists a quality food on board: continental breakfast; and local cuisine at each lunch and dinner.